American Workers Working under Stressful Workplace Conditions

Stressed WorkersA survey was conducted recently by the US workers that show that 20 percent of them find their workplace to be stressful and hostile. The study was conducted by Rand Corp., UCLA, and Harvard Medical School and the survey includes responses from as many as 3066 workers.

The surveys’ significant finding was that one out of every 5 American find their work environment to be extremely hostile and unfit for work. They face hostility from their coworkers or seniors that include sexual harassment and harassment. Approximately 55% have said the workplace is filled with potential hazard conditions.

75% of people who have been surveyed said they spend around 25 percent of their work time doing highly intensive or repetitive physical labour.

Regarding career advancement, the survey mentioned above finding does not show a positive figure and is not encouraging at the same time. Only 38% people have said that the workplace is enjoyable and they are happy working over there. The survey also noted that older people are pessimistic about their career advancement. Telecommuting is quite rare, and more than 78% of people have stated their presence is mandatorily required during working hours. People have also said they are giving extra hours to complete the work in time.

In fact, 50% or more workers who were surveyed said they work in their own time to meet the job responsibilities endowed on them. The study suggested that the workers are not highly educated and this is one of the main reasons for facing stricter work conditions.

Nicole Maestas who is a noted author and a celebrated economist from Harvard Medical School said that the survey showed the workplace to be hectic and full of pressure.

The study further found that less than 50% of the workers who are not having a college degree cannot take a break when they desire while more than 76% workers with a college degree can take a break. Approximately 68% of the workers who don’t have a college degree spend 25% of their time in the workplace shifting heavy loads.

The results were assessed by Nicole and questioned that the workplace conditions are affecting the desire of young Americans to work in such environment. The latest data from the study show that around 63% of US citizens are working or searching for work which is lower than pre-financial crisis levels of 67.3%. However, the unemployment rate is at a 16 year low.

The Harvard economist further said that workplace condition is very important for overall improvement of the workers. On the positive side, the study shows the workers at the moment enjoy higher levels of autonomy and support. More than 80% of workers said they are given ample opportunities to solve problems with their innovative ideas. 58% of workers find their bosses to be supportive while another 56% say they have good and supportive friends in the workplace.

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