FAQ – Trading Questions and Answers

Even though it has recently started to get popular among the populace, many are yet to figure out what Binary Options are and how they could be used to make some excellent profits on the side. Binary Options come with a wide range of opportunities and features, allowing people to place their trades on a variety of company share values or trading options, which can all be done as soon as a trader decides to start trading Binary Options.

Our website continues to grow, and we keep adding more content with time. This time, we have come up with a section which is going to answer your most frequently asked questions which are going to help anyone based in Nigeria who is new to the term “Binary Options Trading”.

This section was designed to give you a detailed and reliable set of answers to the most commonly asked questions. However, if you feel this section lacks the answers to some of the extra questions you may have, you might want to check the rest of the website out, as we have made sure the entire site stays rich with information that is updated and diverse. We hope that in case you fail to find your answers in this particular section, you are sure to find it in the other respective sections of the site. Emphasis has been laid on questions regarding the overall functioning of Binary Options and how one can get started with their career as a binary options trader.

1. What is the age requirement to become a Binary Options trader and trade eligible?
2. What sort of trading platforms can a trader expect?
3. Will I be able to create a demo account?
4. How much time do bonuses take to get credited?
5. How long will I have to wait in order to receive the profits I make on my Binary Options trades?
6. Is it hard to use the binary options trading platforms?
7. Can I place multiple trades at a time?
8. What are the available banking and deposit options?
9. Does Nigeria permit Binary Options trading to take place legally?
10. How will I figure the most profitable trades for myself?